Carnegie Mellon University

Creating a Hybrid EIO-LCA and process-based LCA

One limitation of the EIO-LCA method is the aggregation of data to industry sectors.  It is often useful to develop hybrid LCAs which combine the ease and broad perspective of EIO-LCA with the specificity of information for a single product or process of a process-based LCA.  For example, one could use process-based LCA techniques to model the impacts of the production processes at a given facility, but use EIO-LCA to model the supply chain impacts of the electricity purchased by the facility.  Alternatively, if specific data about a facility is known, one could disaggregate an industry sector within an EIO-LCA model into two sectors: one representing the specific facility and one representing the rest of the industry.  

Chapter 2 of our book, Economic Life Cycle Assessment of Goods and Services: An Input-Output Approach, describes various methods for using both EIO-LCA and process-based LCA techniques together to achieve more robst results.