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Interpreting Results from the EIO-LCA Models

Some of the most frequent questions we receive are about how to interpret the results from running the EIO-LCA on-line tool.  So, here is a step-by-step guide to the various results.  We focus on interpreting the economic results first, and then on interpreting a single environmental metric.  Information from the other environmental resource consumption and emissions metrics can be interpreted in a similar way.  Information from the economic results can be used in conjunction with the environmental metric results to provide more detailed information regarding direct and indirect results, which is why it is important to understand both.  

The following information uses as an example the results from running the EIO-LCA on-line tool with the 1997 U.S. Benchmark Model, selecting sector #336110 Automobile and Light Truck Manufacturing, and 1 million US$ of economic activity.  We suggest opening the EIO-LCA on-line tool in a second browser window, running the tool for this model and sector, and manipulating and referring to the display as you read through the material here.  The Automobile and Light Truck Manufacturing sector can be found in the Vehicles and other Transportation equipment industry group.  This sector is referred to as the Auto Manufacturing sector in these pages to simplify the text.  

Start by examining the Economic Results.