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References for the EIO-LCA Method

For detailed information about the EIO-LCA theory and method, its development, and applications, we suggest our book: 

Hendrickson, C. T., Lave, L. B., Matthews, H. S.  (2006).  Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Goods and Services:  An Input-Output Approach.  Resources for the Future Press. 

The book is available from in both hardback and paperback editions.   

Journal articles include the initial publication of the theory and method by Green Design researchers, and the original theoretical article by Wassily Leontief:

Hendrickson, C. T., Horvath, A., et al. (1998).  "Economic Input-Output Models for Environmental Life-Cycle Assessment."  ACS Environmental Science and Technology 4:184A-191A. 

Leontief, W. (1970). "Environmental Repurcussions and Economic Structure - Input-Output Approach."  Review of Economics and Statistics 52(3):262-271.

Other publications related to the method, models, and applications are available on the publications page of the Green Design Institute